Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Application of Feature recognition in Manufacturing

Why do we need Feature Recognition when we already have Feature Based Modeling Systems (FBMS)?!!

When we design a model in FBMS, we use Extruded Boss, Extruded Cut, Revolved Boss, Revolved Cuts, Loft, Sweep, etc. These are all design features. Even Holes, Countersunks, Counterbores can also be made using revolved cuts. But in order to manufacture the component, we need to infer manufacturing features from design features so that suitable CNC canned cycles can be chosen. This is a manual activity. Geometric’s Manufacturing View FR provides an automated tool for this activity. MfgView FR automatically extracts manufacturing features like Standard Hole types, Pockets and Slots. Even islands in pockets and slots are identified and further parent child relationships are also provided. So by using MfgView FR, a task that would take hours when done manually can be reduced to seconds.

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