Friday, November 8, 2013

Marking and Half-shear Recognition

FR has recently added capability to recognize marking and half-shear features in sheet metal feature recognition library. Markings are generally inscribed on sheet metal parts, which are depressions that do not penetrate the sheet completely but partially as highlighted in green in Fig 1.

Fig 1. Marking features

Marking features with different cross sections as shown in Fig 2 can be handled efficiently. 
Fig 2. Cross section of various marking features

Half-shears are features that can be of any shape that are sheared partially in a sheet. The cross section of a circular half-shear is shown in Fig 3. Geometrically half-shears create a pocket on one side and island on the other side of the sheet. 

Fig 3. Cross-section of a half-shear

Few half-shears that can be recognized by sheet metal feature recognition library are shown below in Fig 4.

Fig 4a. Pocket side of half-shears

Fig 4b. Island side of half-shears

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