Monday, November 11, 2013

Recognition of Hole types and Compound Cutouts

Sheet metal parts generally contain holes and cutouts. Holes can be simple holes, tapered holes, counter-bore holes, counter-drill holes and counter-sunk holes, as shown in Fig 1 from left to right respectively.
Fig 1. Different Hole Types

Similarly, cutouts can also have such cross sections, which are termed as compound cutouts. Sheet metal feature recognition library can recognize all these compound cutouts and can also classify cutout shapes such as obround, rectangular with/without corner fillets and generic shapes.  

Fig 2. Different Compound Cutouts
All these types of holes and cutouts are recognized by sheet metal feature recognition library as shown in Fig 3. Recognition of such features and associated parameters are very useful in automatic tool selection. For downloading evaluation version click here

Fig 3. Feature Recognition of Hole Types and Compound Cutouts

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